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- Great revolution discovery of cellular anti-aging
- Increased cellular energy level and cell repair
- Promotes heart, brain, joints and immune health

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ESP - Energizing Soy Protein

- Non-GMO soy, low glysemic index
- Provides energy and promotes healthy skin, hair and nail
- Essential for nusing mothers, children and those recovering from illness

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- Vital for cell growth and health
- Increases mental alertness and builds immunity
- Maintains healthy digestive function

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 Collagen Powder

- Reduces open pores, wrinkles, and fine lines in 8 weeks
- Moistens and makes skin softer, firm and more elastic
- Good for dry skin
- Reduces pigmentation, acne and uneven skin tone
- Promotes healthy hair and nails


- Promotes healthy heart and  brain
- Helps to generate energy (metabolism) from food
- Helps to reduce depression and stress

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Sustained released Vita-C 500mg

- Natural antioxidant, helps retain natural body defense system
- Promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones and blood vessels
- Increases iron absorption in food

- Natural antioxidant and source of vitamin A from fruits and vegetables
- Promotes healthy eyes, prostate, cervix, heart and lungs
- Prevents cancer and premature aging

Vita-E Complex

- Natural antioxidant
- Reduces risk of heart disease
- Promotes wound healing and prevents premature aging

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Zinc Complex

- Prevents hair loss - suitable for mothers during confinement
- Promotes wound healing - great for diabetics
- Promotes prostate health and improves sexual health


- Provides 100mg Calcium with Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc
- Helps maintain normal blood pressure
- Promotes healthy function of muscles and nerve transmission
- Reduces PMS symptoms

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- Promotes mental growth and health in babies, children and adults
- Importnat source of DHA for pregnant and nursing mothers
- Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure
- Reduces joints inflammation
- Reduces risk of cancer to breast, prostate and colon

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Advance Joint Health Tablet

- Botanical ingredients to help prevent chemical build-up causing joint discomfort, also 
   supports joints and cartilage health
- Provides nutrients for collagen and connective tissue function which strengthen
   joint structure
- Suitable for joint problems and leg pain

GLA Complex

- Reduces itchiness, swelling, dry flaky skin and joint pains
- Balances insulin hormone and reduces cholesterol level
- Effective for PMS related problems, breast pain and depression

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 Chewable Vita-C

- Suitable for children and adults who cannot swallow tablets
- Promotes healthy gum, teeth, bones and blood vessels
- Helps retain natural body defense system

Vita-Lea for Children

- Provides 19 vitamins and minerals for growing children
- Good source of calcium and B vitamins

Meal Shakes

- Instant nutritious snack with 19 vitamins and minerals
- Low fat and low glycemic index
- Suitable for children and adults, as a healthy breakfast

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- Botanical ingredients helps to activate body's interferon to strengthen immune 
- Protects against flu, cold, viral and bacterial infection and cancer


- Provides instant energy with its unique Carb
- Maintain body fluid and electrolytes balance to prevent dehydration
- Suitable during sports activities, fasting, fever and illness

Alfalfa Complex

- Helps to detoxify body
- Soothes joint pains and numbness
- Reduces cholesterol
- Reduces blood sugar in diabetics
- Helps to increase breast milk supply


- Boosts up the immune system
- Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
- Functions as anti-bacterial and anti-viral
- Natural antibiotic

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- A fat emulsifier and helps to reduce weight
- Reduces cholesterol level
 - Promotes optimum brain function with choline
- Prevents clogged ducts in nursing mothers

Cinch Shake Milk

- Non-GMO soy protein drink
- Burns fat but preserved muscle mass - powered by Lucine
- Rapid reduction in body's metabolism
- Healthy alternative to coffee and sugary snacks

Cinch Tea Energy Tea Mix

- Natural and safe energy drink
- Helps to increase metabolism
- Healthy alternatives to coffee and sugary snacks

- Eases colon function and movement, thus prevent constipation
- Reduces body odor
- Detoxifies body via colon

Peppermint-Ginger Plus

- Soothes stomach discomfort and bloatedness
- Helps with indigestion
- Suitable for motion sickness

DTX Complex

- Helps with smooth bile flow
- Botanical ingredients to protect liver cells
- Helps to detoxify toxin via liver

Herbal Blend Multipurpose Cream

- Natural extracts
- Soften rough skins and crack heals
- Reduces itchiness, diaper rashes and scars
- Provides soothing relief during fever and muscle ache

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